Sometimes I just know things

Sometimes I just know things

There have been several times in my life when I have been blessed with a 6th sense. These are not premonitions but an absolute knowledge that something is going to happen. It was surreal when this first happened but I’m now used to it and have learned it is called claircognizance.

Claircognizance is the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how or why he or she knew it. The user can gain information about a person, object, place, or event through intrinsic knowledge, as in it just “comes to” the user’s mind.

The first time I remember experiencing this was in the summer of 1985. I was an actress living in Toronto and was on vacation visiting a friend in Santa Monica.

One day I was going to the valley and got out my handy dandy Thomas Guide. I saw that Topanga Canyon Blvd went from the ocean to the valley and would be the perfect route for me to take to get to Calabasas. I immediately fell in love with this twisting, winding, magical road and the beautiful views that were presented to me around every corner. By the time I got to the centre of the canyon, I experienced the strangest thing. I knew, absolutely KNEW that I would live here someday.

As I said I was living in Toronto-I was a Canadian citizen- and had no plans to move anywhere let alone to another country. But here I was driving through this very familiar feeling place, knowing that someday I would be here. It was the weirdest experience I had ever had.

It would take several more years for this knowledge to become fact but it did indeed come to pass and I have been living in Topanga for almost 30 years now-more years than I ever lived in Canada.

The next couple of times this happened, I was pregnant with my second daughter. In October of 1993 I read an article in the LA Times about our local Topanga Arson Watch where I was a volunteer. The article said that in the 10 years the organization had been around, there had never been a fire in the canyon. For some reason as soon as I read that, I just knew that we were going to have a fire- and soon. There had been a rash of arson related fires recently set in Laguna Beach and I thought this article was going to tempt some idiot.

I packed all the photos and videos we had into 2 big boxes and put them by the front door. The Malibu fire, which started in Topanga less than a mile from our house, hit 3 days later. What a blessing to have had all the important things packed and ready to go! My wasband, daughter Hannah, dog Shelley and our 2 cats Winnie and Janice were evacuated for 5 days.

Three months later, again still pregnant, was the next time I had this insight. There were 3 small earthquakes one week in Santa Monica in January and my spider senses again told me we were going to get a big one. I went to the store and stocked up on supplies-water, canned and packaged food etc.

We had a huge plant sitting on an open ledge high above our living room, which I asked my wasband to move. I kept telling him we were going to have an earthquake and to please move it to the floor. I was almost 7 months pregnant, it weighed about 50 pounds and I couldn’t lift it.

We had recently “earthquake proofed” our 2 year old daughter’s room, or so we thought, by wiring her bookcase to the wall and securing a plant on top of this bookcase with wire attached to the wall as well.

I asked (begged!) my wasband for 3 days in a row to move this damn plant but alas he did not.
The earthquake hit the next morning. I woke up screaming. I didn’t know I was screaming until my ex told me to stop yelling. Our bed was bouncing up and down like the scene in the Exorcist. I am an emergency preparedness person and had the flashlights and shoes by the bed- all the things you are supposed to have, but it didn’t do any good because the nightstands were completely knocked over covering the shoes and closing the flashlight drawer.

The “earthquake proofed” bookcase ripped off the wall and narrowly missed our daughter’s crib. Thank God we tied her plant up because it just fell straight down to the floor after the bookcase disappeared from underneath.

Every closet door and all the shelves were ripped from their hinges, every picture in our house flew off the walls. All the contents of the kitchen cabinets flew out and smashed onto the floor. Every window in the office downstairs shattered and giant cracks appeared on the walls. The big plant above the living room crashed onto the couch and floor below, creating one of the biggest messes we had-which I cleaned up of course.

An interesting side note-we were living in old canyon at the time and our next door neighbors were from hell. Really. I’ll say now they were on their journey and vibrating at a lower frequency. They had 2 beautiful children whom I felt very sorry for.

The week before the earthquake I heard the mother screaming in one of her drug addled rages,

“I’m not your fucking n-word!! I’m not your fucking n-word!!”

My stomach lurched again as it did whenever I heard her in the throws of her mania and I knew I did not want to bring up my children next to these toxic people.

After hearing her this time I pleaded to the Universe-

Please God make something happen so they have to move away! I said this “prayer” for a few days in a row.
A few days later the earthquake hit and destroyed their home- it was red tagged and they were forced to move. I was shocked. A new fault line was discovered where our houses were and another house down the street had to be torn down as well.

It was shocking and, I’m ashamed to admit, also a great relief. I know I didn’t cause the earthquake, but I always wonder if my wish had anything to do with their house being destroyed. I’m now very careful to never wish any actual harm on anyone or anything!

One time I had my “knowledge” was at a democratic fundraiser at Bergamot station in 2004. Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein and Hillary Clinton all spoke and it was incredibly inspiring to hear these dedicated, passionate, brilliant women speak.

At the end of the program, a young senator named Barack Obama was introduced. I had never heard of him before and when I first saw him I liked him right away. When he spoke, I immediately got goose bumps and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. This lasted for several minutes and I KNEW that he would be our president some day. I have never had such a strong physical reaction to anyone before in my life. It was overwhelming.

I came home and breathlessly told my husband I had just seen our first black president. He asked his name, I answered, he said “Who?!” so I repeated it again.

“Barack Obama. Remember his name. He will be our first black president.”

I was very excited and quite surprised it was only 4 years until his history making presidency.

When he was running I volunteered with a Democratic group that went to Las Vegas to get voters to the polls. People on the bus ride there were worried and kept saying “What if he doesn’t win?”

I kept telling them to relax as I already knew it was a done deal.

I have had several people ask me if I ever have any premonitions again to please let them know. I will share my thoughts on what I know is happening right now.

I know that we are in a time of great change. We are all being called to a higher, greater , collective consciousness. We are seeing an increase in both wonderful and evil things on our beautiful planet. We are seeing this in our selves, our cities and even our weather. We are all being tested and we will experience great tragedy and great joy. It is the storm before the calm.

The whole world is shifting and we are seeing the dying gasps of a misogynistic, patriarchal energy that has been in power for centuries. As unbelievable as the Trump presidency is, this is what change looks like. Like it or not it had to happen this way. He is playing his part and scraping up the bottom of the barrel so to speak so this negative dark energy can be brought up to be healed. He is showing the world how dangerous things can be and in doing so is rallying millions of us to rise up and resist the darkness.

As tempting as it is to vilify him and others of his ilk, that won’t change anything. Yelling and screaming at someone and telling them they’re an asshole, while maybe true, does nothing to lift their vibration. In fact- and this will be hard for some to hear- we must LOVE all those that vibrate at a lower frequency. We must love Trump, and the guys in Boko-Haram and ISIS and all those whom we detest. We don’t love their deeds or spend time with them and subject ourselves to their abuse, but we must love them as fellow human beings and their potential to raise up to a more loving frequency. We are ultimately all connected. What we do to others we do to ourselves. As we rise up from a 3D existence into 5D we must remain strong and loving. I’m not saying we roll over and hold hands kumbayaing (although that is always fun!) but we protest and resist and keep loving ourselves and our fellow human beings no matter where they are on their journey.

Two years ago I knew I had to build a garden. I feel it’s extremely important to grow our own food if possible and to always eat healthy organic fruits and veggies. Luckily in sunny California one can easily do this. I read a very interesting article about planting and so I followed these directions: when planting seeds, put them in your mouth for a few seconds before planting in the ground. The seeds pick up on your DNA and what your body needs and the plant will grow accordingly to your benefit. How cool is that? And I can tell you its much easier with the bigger seeds!

The bottom line is we must all hang on to the sides of this roller coaster and know that this too shall pass. We must remain positive and make choices based on love and not fear. We must love ourselves first and foremost and love everyone and everything that arises.

I am bound and determined to “be the change” in my own life and I invite you all to join in whatever way feels right for you.


Catherine McClenahan